Deeper Listening

Eyes of the World

July 14, 2021 Episode 8
Deeper Listening
Eyes of the World
Show Notes

John and Justin welcome guest Jonathan Hart from the Brokedown Podcast and Undermine Podcast to discuss the history, lyrical content, and evolution of the Grateful Dead's Eyes of the World. From its debut year in 1973 to its final performance in 1995, this deeper listening project tracks the twists and turns of the band's musical evolution and their changing personnel through the lens of one of their most beloved tunes.

We include segments from eleven versions of Eyes of the World in this episode. With the exception of the shows from 1989 and 1991, these are from unreleased gigs. Thanks to tapers for the wealth of quality AUD recordings we Deadheads have to choose from.

1973-02-15 Madison, WI
1974-06-08 Oakland, CA
1976-06-22 Upper Darby, PA
1977-10-01 Portland, OR
1978-08-30 Red Rocks, CO
1979-05-04 Hampton, VA
1983-05-13 Berkeley, CA
1986-04-21 Berkeley, CA
1989-06-21 Shoreline, CA
1991-06-17 East Rutherford, NJ
1995-07-06 Maryland Heights, MO

Here's a Google Drive folder with full mp3 versions of each selection.

Theme music (we love the new version and play it in full at the end of the episode) provided by the incredibly talented Thomas Wing. Check out his Bandcamp page for more great music:

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